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We create innovative digital solutions to solve real-world problems and enable growth at scale. We empower businesses to leverage their data in a responsible and sustainable manner while delivering value.

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Mantodea is an AI company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that provides services to enterprises to achieve their unlocked potential with the latest technologies in AI and Cloud.


Mantodea’s mission is to enable companies accelerate their AI adoption by moving fast from proof of concepts to successful production deployments.


Mantodea can help businesses of all sizes increase efficiency while being compliant, reduce operational costs and make confident data-driven decisions.

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We aim to deliver advanced digital solutions with the lowest ecological footprint and the highest standards.


We strive to deliver products that our customers will love and trust. We aim to make our customers successful.


We use Tiny AI models optimised to work on low-energy devices and with existing infrastructure.

Responsible AI

We are clear with the intended use of our technology with an emphasis on security and continuous human feedback.

Fail Fast

We recognize a wrong decision and move on rather than spend time on indecision and rigid executions.

Who we are

Ioanna Psylla

Ioanna Psylla

AI Specialist

Having fun with data and making machines smarter while delivering impactful products

Kostas Michail

Kostas Michail

Solutions Architect

Driven by passion for innovation, digital media and using new technologies to solve real problems

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Contact Efficient livestock management and preventive care with video analytics Tags: Video Analytics Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Health compromises is a challenge to the sustainability of livestock systems and indicators of changes in a pig’s behavior help in the early detection of a disease which allows timely and effective intervention.

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Responsible AI and Data Collection

Contact Responsible AI and Data Collection Tags: ResponsibleAI Artificial Intelligence Data To deliver responsible AI systems, we need to think about some issues that might arise during the development process. A potential significant issue could derive from the data collected to train the model. Data could carry great risks to.

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